Marketing Director

Growing up is hard. Puberty is even harder. But it can still be fun. Come join us on this crazy adventure- we’re creating fun to use products for an even more fun audience – girls aged 9-16yrs!

At Joven, we believe in a bit of crazy magic. We’re hiring for our Marketing Team.  Are you a marketeer who is equal parts crazy but equal parts rock solid too? Do you have with it takes to understand the complex but fascinating world of tweens and everything digital?

We’d love to hear from you!

The Chief Marketing Officer. 

Sounds serious, but what’s in store?

As chief marketing officer for Joven, you will be charged with overseeing our go to market strategy across the firm. Whether it’s brand positioning or building communities amongst our young audience, you will provide direction for a wide range of activity, from sponsorships to targeted partner brand relationship development. It’s this variety that you will love in this job – no two days will be the same.

We believe you  will also enjoy the wide network that comes with this role, both internally at Joven and within the wider marketing industry. Whether it’s a challenging conversation with another colleague or developing a high potential marketer or mining insights from Tweens , you will work with the brightest minds in the business.

The role

The job involves oversight of all trade, consumer and brand marketing activity around our product and customers. You will have the responsibility of directing the Joven brand to places and in ways that match the aspirations and vision of the business. The challenge is to continually keep us way ahead of our competition and to stay true to the values of the business and the expectations of our fans.

The day-to-day

Typically as a chief marketing officer, you will:

  • Research the experience of the customer in interacting with the organisation and drive improvements
  • Drive change across the organisation with regard to elements such as social media or digitisation directly pertaining to our product and/or customers
  • Build brand awareness and ensure that all communications align with the brand
  • Meet with the top management regularly
  • Take responsibility for the look and content of the website(s) and social media outlets, maximising customer conversion
  • Acquire reliable and comprehensive data on sales and customer experience from different departments
  • Use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems
  • Drive investment in digital marketing and roll out technological upgrades
  • Establish the marketing budget and track return on investment
  • Commission market research and understand how our markets are changing
  • Communicate regularly with other departments and executives, reporting on marketing activity
  • Build a marketing team and mentor them
  • Build relationships with creative, digital and media agencies
  • Contribute to product development
  • Use analytics to drive product development
  • Set KPIs/Smart goals and report to the board on progress
  • Spot opportunities in the market and drive growth of the business

Key skills

  • Leadership and influencing skills: As chief marketing officer you will, in conjunction with the CEO, drive the strategy of your organisation. Key to the role is the ability to inspire, motivate and persuade others across the organisation.
  • Strong research and benchmarking skills: Marketing has become much more data-driven in recent years and an effective chief marketing officer must able to use big data and analytics to optimise marketing strategy.
  • Writing skills: Easily overlooked, perhaps, but one of the attributes of a successful CMO is the ability to write compelling, crisp copy for a variety of marketing channels. This need does not disappear with advancement.


A good degree in Marketing or allied fields is deemed essential. But experience is key here.

Relevant experience

At least eight, and maybe more than ten years’ experience, in a senior marketing role is the benchmark here. 

It’s a requirement for us that you have led a product from incubation to market launch in the B2C space anywhere in the world. And of course, since you’re marketing to tweens, we assume you will be an active user of at least one of these social media platforms accessed by tweens (Snapchat , Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and online content/music/movies streaming sites).


Expect a mix of cash + equity. Will be benchmarked to Industry standards ( FMCG/personal companies in India).

To apply

Send your resume to

We are based in Bangalore. We would love to meet in person ideally!